Disengagement is contagious! Fight Back!

Recent studies show that more than 17% of an organization is actively disengaged. Talk to your team about getting more involved in projects, determine their interests, and find ways to develop their skills. Help employees understand the direction of the company and how their role plays a critical piece to its success. Education helps employees stay focused on the correct actions and supports their role in the future organization. These enhanced skills help employees manage projects, gain more success and realize more wins.

Do you find yourself part of that 17%? Discuss your interests during your next 1-on-1 and find ways to prepare yourself for the next step in your career. Are there projects that you would like to become more involved with or courses you would like to take? Map out the vision of your role and the skills/competencies you want to develop. Be prepared during your meeting to discuss your professional roadmap. The key to earning your request is by completing your current job with a positive attitude, with a high degree of success and having a plan for the future.

The happier you are at your current job, the more opportunities you open up for tomorrow!